Balkan Winds

 International Project

Theodosii Spassov- kaval,vocal (Bulgaria)
Tamara Obrovac- vocal (Croatia)
Mihai Sorohan- trumpet (Romania)
Toni Kitanovski- guitar (Macedonia)
Kostas Theodorou- double bass (Greece)
Sanja Ilic- piano (Serbia)
Izzet Kizil- percussion (Turkey)
Stoyan Yankoulov- drums,tupan,percussion (Bulgaria)

  The winds of the Balkan are homeless
from the north to the south, from the east to the
west they are on their way without paying
attention to us and our trifles, carrying the
sounds of the mountains, the sea and the plains
far away they combine them into the sound of the

Balkan Winds is a formation of musicians from
different Balkan countries. In the last few years
the Balkan music has gained much popularity. In
its variety it is not only known to specialists
anymore. The mysteries of the Bulgarian Voices and
the unparallel rhythms or spontaneity of the gypsy
groups are just a fraction of the mystery "Balkan"
and its music.

The exploration deep into the Balkans has
introduced us to the musicians as personalities –
these personalities stand in the centre of this
project. The musician as a whole has developed –
his complex personality in the time and room
between borders, enemies and friends. He is
cooperation with other musicians, styles and

Often there are unusual concert halls and stages –
sometimes a green meadow high up in the mountains
where large groups of people have gathered. At
other times it is the evening where people meet at
the village inn. Then it is a wedding where there
is joy or funerals where tears flow.

However, they are often unusual meetings where
musicians who have never met before and do not
speak the same tongue, yet simply go ahead and
play as if they have played together all their

The music of the Balkans is genuine and full of

Some musicians are famous, others young and not
very well-known. Nevertheless, all of them are
masters in their fields and can go far beyond
their musical borders. The borders of the Balkans,
which have mulitplied in the last couple of years,
do not play any role here.

Like the winds of the Balkans we travel with these
musicians into far-away countries and everything
combines into one sound, one room and one feeling
– boundlessness.

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