Duet: Stoyan Yankoulov & Elitsa Todorova
Stoyan Yankoulov- drums,tupan,percussion
Elitsa Todorova- voice,percussion

VIDEO SUMMARY about duet

1. Stoyan Yankoulov: Solo Tupan

2. "Poppis Dance"

3. "Trepetnik"

4. "Razdumka"

5. "Djunjuria"

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1.  HMSU Present

2.  Part from live in Black Box

   The Unique Bulgarian duet blend Bulgarian
authentic folk with jazz, ethno and world music.
They make the rind of music one associates with
outer space. The media have dubbed them as "the
shamans of Bulgaria" and "lords of the elements".
In 2007 BBC and Reuters described their music as
"a portal to other worlds".

   Elitsa Todorova sings in the legendary choir
The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices and Cosmic Voices
from Bulgaria. She has graduated a school for
authentic folk singing and has a higher degree in
percussion instruments. In 2003 she teamed up with
the best known Bulgarian drummer and percussionist
Stoyan Yankoulov. Their debut album Drumboy soon
became a bestseller.

   Stoyan Yankoulov had devised a unique set of
percussion instrument. He has played together with
the legendary Bob McFerrin and other world famous
jazzmen. The duo's highly rhythms combined with
Elitsa's magic voice spin together beautiful
ethno-jazz tales. Elitsa and Stoyan present the
Bulgarian cultural heritage all over the world.
Their fans include Prince Albert of Monaco, the
Director General of UNESCO Koichiro Matsuura, the
Presidents of Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Montenegro
and Serbia, to mention only a few.

   In March 2007 Elitsa and Stoyan won in the
prestigious Eurovision world contest with their
song Water. In May 2007 in Finland over 300
million viewers worldwide ranked them and their
enchanting song Water fifth in Europe, thus making
them international stars.

   Besides reaching the hearts of millions with
their contagious rhythms and love they have
launched a water conservation campaign with their
awards winning song Water.

   The duo's next projects entitled Earth, Fire,
Air and Ether will be dedicated to the elements
and the protection of our planet.

   Elitsa Todorova and Stoyan Yankoulov have been
awarded the Gold Phenomenon statuette for their
exceptional promotion of the Bulgarian culture

Le duo bulgare Elitsa Todorova et Stoyan
Yankoulov est unique. Il combine des rythmes du
monde entier avec l'authentique folklore bulgare.
Le duo a été crée par Stoyan Yankoulov. L'énergie
qui jaillie des instruments à percussion des deux
artistes assemblée à la technique vocale
spécifique d'Elitsa Todorova mérite le respect du
public. Stoyan Yankoulov est le
batteur/percussionniste le plus confirmé, avec un
style propre à lui, novateur dans l'utilisation
d'un ensemble de différents instruments à
percussions. Elitsa Todorova interprète
d'authentiques motifs de toutes les régions
folkloriques de Bulgarie. Elle utilise les
instruments à percussion traditionnels d'une
manière non traditionnelle et de façon
parfaitement synchronisée avec le chant. Leurs
concerts se transforment en véritable spectacle
pour les sens et l'âme du public.

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