Snow Owl - NORMAS


Juan Garcia-Herreros (Colombia) - bass

Hector Martignon (Colombia) - piano

Roberto Quintero (Venezuela) - percussion

Jeremy Powell (USA) - saxophones

Stoyan Yankoulov (BG) - drums

Alexander Wladigeroff (BG) - trumpet



Стефан Вълдобрев - вокал
Иван Лечев - китари
Стоян Янкулов - ударни
Веселин Веселинов (Еко) - бас
Мирослав Иванов - китари

Записите са осъществени на 11 май 2012 в зала 2 на НДК


Angel Zaberski Trio

Angel Zaberski - piano
Boris Taslev - bass
Stoyan Yankoulov - drums

Released: 2013
All music & arrangements by Angel Zaberski
Recordings, mixing & mastering by Stoyan Yankoulov
                "Drumboy" studio

Produced by Angel Zaberski

Thanks to:
Irina Stoyanova & her string quartet


Angel Zaberski big band Brazz Association

Released: 2012 Stars Records
Mixing and mastering: studio DRUMBOY

Ilia Nenov
Milen Petrov
Michail Yosifov
Todor Bakardjiev

Velislav Stoyanov
Dimitar Stoev
Bojidar Vasilev
Kiril Zafirov

Dimitar Liolev - alto
Vladimir Karparov - alto
Atanas Hadjiev - tenor
Venko Georgiev - tenor
Todor Tsachev - bariton

rhythm section:
Angel Zaberski - piano
Dimitar Shanov - bass
Stoyan Yankoulov - drums, percussion


Alexander Wladigeroff - trumpet, vocal
Konstantin Wladigeroff - piano, vocal
Ekaterina Wladigerova - piano
Vladimir Karparov - sax
Dimitar Karamitev - kaval
Andrey Prozorov - sax
Mario Vavti - trombone
Dusan Novakov - drums
Juan Garcia-Herreros - e.bass
Milan Nikolic - double bass
Flip Philipp - vibraphone
Richard Oesterreicher - harmonica
Stoyan Yankoulov - drums, percussion

Recorded by Martin Klebahn in studio "4tune audio production" - Austria
Additional recording & mixed by Georg O. Luksch in studio "At home-music studio" - Austria

Released  2011


"Heart Beats"

Andreas Brunn - guitar
Viktoria Lasaroff - vocal
Horst Nonnenmacher - bass

featuring: Stoyan Yankoulov - drums, percussion

DVD Afro BG Grooves

Live concert 23.03.2010

in Sofia Live Club

Elitsa Todorova, Stoyan Yankoulov (BG)

Mamadu Diabate, Abdoulaye Dembely (Burkina Faso - Africa)

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Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankoulov

Music and arrangement:
Elitsa Todorova and Stoyan Yankoulov.
Produced, vocal and percussion:
Elitsa Todorova and Stoyan Yankoulov.
Featuring: Miroslav Ivanov - guitars (2,4,5,6)
Rumen Toskov-piano (7)
Angel Dimitrov - guitars (9)
Mamadou Diabate & Louise Sanow - percussion, voice (13)
Recorded, mixed and mastering: DRUMBOY studio.
Natural sounds from the Black sea - Varna

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Definitely Angel Zaberski

Jazz - Sketches
for solist (flugelhorn), jazz trio, brass quintet
and string orchestra

Composed and arranged by Angel Zaberski Jr.

              Soloist:  Mihail Yasifov - flugelhorn
             Jazz trio:  Angel Zaberski - piano
                              Dimitar Shanov - double bass
                              Stoyan Yankoulov - drums
String orchestra: Love Strings & Emotions
Concert master:  Irina Stoyanova
    Brass quintet:  Martin Tashev - flugel, trumpet
                               Stanislav Lazarov - flugel, trumpet
                               Mihail Mihailov - waldhorn
                               Velislav Stoyanov - trombone
                               Kiril Zavirov - bass trombone
                               Bayo Baev - tube

Album is recorded in the studio of National Academy
Of Music "Pantcho Vladigerov" Sofia
Sound director: Ivo Keremedchiev
Mixing and mastering: "Drumboy Studio" - Stoyan Yankoulov
Photographer: Ivan Peykov
CD Produced: Prizma Film

Single Butterfly

Elitsa Todorova:: voice & dance

Miroslav Ivanov:: guitar

Leander Yanes:: dance


DRUMBOY records

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Single Cosmos
Elitsa Todorova:: voice & percussion
Stoyan yankulov:: drums
Miroslav Ivanov:: guitar

DRUMOBOY records
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Single Earth
Elitsa Todorova:: voice & percussion
Stoyan Yankoulov:: drums

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Single Water
5 place in EUROVISION song contest 2007

Music, lirics, voice & drums: 
Elitsa Todorova and Stoyan Yankoulov

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Stoyan Yankoulov
Elitsa Todorova
special guest: Theodosii Spassov- kaval
Ivo Papasov- clarinet
Petar Ralchev- accordion
Art design by Ivo Hristov Photos by Kalin Ruychev Stoyan Yankoulov- drums, percussion, tupan, drumboy
Elitsa Todorova- voice, percussion

Music and Arrangement by Stoyan Yankoulov Featuring: Ivo Papasov- clarinet / 11 / Theodosii Spassov- kaval / 8 / Petar Ralchev- accordion / 6 / Petar Yankulov- voice / 5 / Recorded, Mixed and Mastering at: Drumboy Studio Art Direction and Design by Ivo Hristov Photography by Kalin Ruychev and Ivo Hristov

Natural sounds from the forest in Goren Chiflik village have been used in this record.

Drumboy, Jew's Harp, Maultrommel (or brambazak, komar, drundar): a musical instrument originating from India and known in Europe since 14c., itseff a steel plate joint to a steel or wooden holder. The narrow end of the holder is put between the teeth and the loose end of the plate is pulled with fingers and the mouth functions as a resonator.

SPLINTERS of Emotions
Record in January 7, 2007 in Vienna, Austria

Anatoli Vapirov-sax
Antoni Donchev-piano
Stoyan Yankoulov-percussion

1. Empty Dreams
2. Rear-view Mirrir
3. Out of Nowhere
4. Evolution ofr Deconstruction
5. Right Choice
6. Big Brother
7. Wienner Big Wheel
8. Gain-&-Again
Arabel Karajan +
Please Shut Up Band
Arabel Karajan- vox,perc,keys,guit Georgy Donchev- bass,vox,flute Vesselin Vesselinov Eko- bass,guit,keus Miroslav Ivanov- guitar Rossen Zahariev- trumpet,perc Ivan Lechev- guit,vox Stoyan Yankoulov- drums,perc,pno,vox Roumen Toskov- piano,keys All songs by Arabel Karajan+PLease Shut Up Band Produced by Arabel Karajan For more information visit:
* IVO PAPASOV WINS * BBC World Music Award
“Fairground”  2003
Ivo Papasov has won the Audience Award at the BBC
Radio Awards for World Music.
The award was presented to him by Joe Boyd.

Ivo Papasov- clarinet
Nesho Neshev- accordion
Vasil Denev- keyboard
Atshkhan Yousseinov- guitar
Salif Ali- drums
Maria Karafizieva- vocal (3,7,8)

special guest:
Stoyan Yankoulov- tupan drum, percussion
Vasil Parmakov- piano
Live recording from performance  2006

Anatoli Vapirov-sax
Antoni Donchev-piano
Stoyan Yankoulov-percussion
"When the bees are gathering honey"

Stoyan Yankoulov- tupan,percussion
Peter Ralchev- accordion
Ateshghan Yuseinov- guitar


 Around ten years ago Peter Ralchev was the up-and
coming young virtuoso of Bulgarian accordio - but
he was regarded with some suspicion by the old
guard as dangerously adventurous in his approach
to traditional music. This disc proves them
absolutely right.

Ralchev and his two equally skilled collaborators,
guitarist Ateshghan Yuseinov and drummer Stoyan
Yankoulov, have produced a breathtaking set of
tunes, and a musical masterpiece which
triumphantly solves the notorious problems of
moving a folk tradition into the field of art

In "Turn Around" the accordion, beginning with an
obliquely constructed mosaic of tiny motives above
an unchanging guitar ostinato, starts to spin an
intricate thread of complex patterns, interspersed
with short melodic fragments. At the same time
Yankoulov, in an amazing display of control of
simultaneous tempi, throws in comments on, and
rhythmic transformations of, the accordion lines.

The resulting weave of modal jazz, fleeting
references to folk dance, sudden harmonic
side-slips and sleights of hand is quite unlike
anything else I've ever heard. None of the tracks
follows the same pattern, but all are equally

Certainly, you can trace some of the roots back to
the wedding band movement of the 80s, and to the
jazz-folk experiments of Milcho Leviev, but the
difference is that these pieces hang together as
formal wholes, no matter how far away from the
opening the soloists may wander. It's wonderful:
if you want to hear how far up the beach the
Bulgarian New Wave has reached, then get this
KIM BURTON / Songlines

Music store owners are going to have a field day
with this one. The first clue is the "file under"
instructions, which might read: World Music,
Bulgaria / Crazy Wedding, Jazz. One can only
assume that the "Crazy" is added so as not confuse
anyone looking for standard Bulgarian wedding
music. Zig Zag Trio does use elements of that
genre, however, in their complex meters and fast
virtuoso playing, they take the genre way out of
the box with fusion-inspired jams, funky guitar,
and avant-garde arrangements.

Ateshghan Yuseinov's guitar work techniques are
mind blowing, yet he is not all technique. On
faster numbers, he has a seventies-era jazz-fusion
buzz, while on "The fog is lifting" his tenderness
is evident. Peter Ralchev's work on accordion is
rippling and flashy without sacrificing musical
depth. It would take a percussionist of consummate
skill and inventiveness to keep up with these
guys, and Stoyan Yankoulov is up to the task.
Yankoulov handles tupan and trap set with equal
finesse. A highlight of the disc is
"Leka-poleka/Slow Down." It starts slow and moody,
with drifting melodic interplay, and then almost
imperceptibly, accelerates to a breathtaking pace.
In between, there are some tricky little episodes
to keep the listener's senses on alert. It is
"crazy wedding" music, all right. If the wedding
guests aren't in an altered state of consciousness
before these guys start to play, just give them

NOW, there's something unique about Bulgarian folk
music, even if you listen to its diluted form,
chal-ga, in a fnendly taxi driver's yellow Lada.
The Zig Zag Tno does not dilute folk music' they
build from it, adding elements of contemporary
jazz and maximising the power of well-structured
improvisation. But enough about big words: the Zig
Zags do please the ear. The 53-mmute long album
features three well-established musicians,
virtuosi on their respective instruments, having a
lot of fun in a studio. The nine-and-a-half
compositions are all based on folk tunes, played
on instruments traditionally used by village
wedding bands, and characterised by the odd-meter
Balkan rhythms that drummers of 4/4 rock
supergroups could hardly follow. Interaction
between the musicians is breathtaking as the
titles are developing. A great example is how the
two accompanying instruments intelligently support
the eventual soloist. While solos are integral
parts of the composition, the musicians do flash
their technical superiority, leaving the listener
to wonder how those everyday instruments can
produce sounds like that. This time the superb
music comes in a great package and part of it is
the sound. This is an exceptionally well-recorded
album with a distinctive sound. The only
reservation is that the sound does resemble that
of Al di Meola's latest World Sinfonia recordings,
from the notable presence of the accordion to the
finger-twisting acoustic guitar lines. I would
also bet Yuseinov uses the same type and brand of
guitar strings as Al di Meola himself. As for the
actual packaging: the artwork and concept of the
booklet look impressive, and this time materials
and print quality are of a reasonably high
standard. The whole thing Just looks tasty. Buy
this record for your friends and relatives at home
who frowned when you first mentioned Bulgaria to
them. Buy this record for yourself for times you
have returned to your home country. Add a bottle
of Melnik wine and memories of Bulgaria will come
up. And only the nice ones, I daresay.
Angel Zaberski JR Big Band * HOT BRASS & RHYTHM
"One More Time"
Mixing and mastering: studio DRUMBOY

Angel Zaberski Jr- piano, B-3 organ
Dimitar Shanov- bass
Stoyan Yankoulov- drums, percussion

Dilyan Davidkov- trumpet
Michail Yosifov- trumpet
Ventzi Blagoev- trumpet

Vladimir Slavchev- trombone
Krasimir Stefanov- trombone
Velislav Stoyanov- trombone

Boris Petrov- saxophone-alto
Vasil Enchev- saxophone-tenor
Peter Momchev- saxophone-baritone
Released 2003
Part One and Part Two

Tamara Obrovac(Croatia)- voice,wooden flute
Vlatko Stefanovski(Macedonia)– guitar
Theodosii Spassov(Bulgaria)- kaval,voice
Aleksandar Sanja Ilic(Serbia)– piano
Kostas Theodorou(Greece)- double bass
Emil Bucur(Romania)- panpipe
Hakan Beser(Turkey)- percussion
Stoyan Yankoulov(Bulgaria)- tupan,drums
Krassi Jeliazkov(Bulgaria)- acoustic guitars,tamboura
Label - UBP International, Bulgaria
Anatoli Vapirov / Theodosii Spassov / Stoyan Yankoulov

"Jazz Across The Border"
(Wergo Records/1999)
Theodosii Spassov- kaval Anatoly Vapirov- soprano saxophone Stoian Yankoulov– drums, tupan The music of the trio represents a unique mixture of jazz, improvisation and Balkan folklore music. The basis of this music is the old Bulgarian folk song - a constant change between the quiet sophisticated sounds of the wooden flute - Kaval - with the expressivity of the saxophone as well as the rhythm of the big drums - Tupan. What has led them to this common project is the idea to combine different styles on the basis of the Bulgarian folklore - an experiment that has created a profound fusion of thoughts, time and roots. With the music of the Fairy Tale Trio the audience set out on a journey into an imaginary world of sounds. REVIEWS Fairy Tale Trio Traditional Bulgarian folk music commands an exceptionally rich heritage. Approximately 260,000 folk-songs are archivized in Sophia, 137,000 of which have been musically notated and over 5,000 folk-melodies are documented on tape recordings. One could logically assume that a trio so strongly rooted in the great Bulgarian music tradition would reproduce at least one of these melodies in their repertoire. Astonishingly, the Fairy Tale Trio does not. All of. the themes and pieces improvised upon by the three musicians are original compositions. Actually the Fairy Tale Trio incorporates in its music many elements common to Bulgarian folklore : the irregular, asymmetrical meters, produced by the combination of different meters; the melodic and rhythmic allusions to the khoro-dance, and the use ofdiminished thirds and sevenths, so reminicent of the blue notes injazz. And yet Bulgarian folklore does not appear here verbatim, but is transformed through the dialogues of this trio into something exciting and new: a modern and contemporary Bulgarian music. Folklore is not the objective here. It is not manipulated to conform to the needs of jazz. Quite intentionally the Fairy Tale Trio does not revert to known themes of traditional Bulgarian music. They are not allegated to a source of material to improvise upon. Even so, the roots of Bulgarian folk music are omnipresent - as spirit, as allusion, as a point of departure in a stylistic tour horizon, in which many strains and styles stand side by side in equality. The centrifugal force of the trio lives and breathes from the idea of musical dialogue. Equality as the basis of musical partnership is the fundament of their improvisations. Within this consensus everything is allowed: clashes and frictions as well as convergences; musical excursions above and beyond the limitations of style and hybridization. The Fairy Tale Trio creates a new, modern Bulgarian music which defies the usual definitions of jazz and folklore. Even the term "imaginary folklore", which nearly describes their style of music, is still insufficient. Most remarkably, the music of the Fairy Tale Trio is infused with the ongoing dialogue between three musicians of extremely varied life experiences. Gunther Huesmann A Journey of Three Into a Jazz
Enthusiasm from the very beginning - with those playing as well as with the audience. Vitality is breaking out, the process of improvising is developing its own dynamics. Three musicians lead us into an unruly and mystic mood of the Balkan regions. They take us with them - not as tourists but as collaborators. And with all their joy for playing music they don't act naively but avoid superficial fusions of jazz and folklore. In the speed of the concert which is also marked by an incredible precision the three musicians find an unisono and undertake adventurous sound excursions. Fusion doesn't seem to be the exact word for this music which is simply not possible without the experience of jazz. For the Bulgarian Fairy Tale Trio the alternative to colouring is the forming of its own experience only. Bert Noglik The Fairy Tale Trio plays a kind of hybrid music combining elements of Bulgarian folk music and jazz. Kaval player Theodosii Spassov has developed a style that allows him more chromatic and timbral possibilities than previously associated with that instrument, while soprano saxist Anatoly Vapirov can go from tricky folk melodies to Coltrane-like wailing in the space of a few notes. The trio is rounded out by percussionist Stoyan Yankoulov, who uses mostly the traditional tupan (a double-headed drum, played with sticks) with a few modern additions. The music, composed by the trio, makes full use of their resources. There are a few odd-meter rave-ups, but there are also some quieter, textural pieces. The kaval and soprano sax take turns soloing and supporting each other, while the percussion supplies a sturdy rhythmic framework. There are also a few solos and duets that, along with great attention paid to dynamics, help keep the sound varied and interesting. In its more peaceful moments this reminds me a little of Codona, the old Don Cherry-Collin Walcott project. Then the musicians turn up the heat and could be mistaken for an Art Ensemble of Chicago offshoot. But the approach taken here is a melding rather than a juxtaposition, with the jazz elements logically flowing from the Bulgarian roots, and as such is one of the more successful folk-jazz fusions I've heard in some time. Joe Grossman / RootsWorld
Anatoli Vapirov / Theodosii Spassov / Stoyan Yankoulov

Recorded Luve 02.08.1996
Varna Jazz Fest "Varna Summer" Theodosii Spassov- kaval, vocal Anatoly Vapirov- saxophon Stoyan Yankoulov- tupan, percussion
“Arabesque”  2003

Dirk Strakhof(Germany)- double bass
Franz Bauer(Germany)– marimba, vibes
Petar Ralchev- accordion
Michael Schiefel(Germany)- vocal
Stoyan Yankoulov- tupan, percussion
“Tree of Sounds”  2000

Dirk Strakhof(Germany)- double bass
Franz Bauer(Germany)– marimba, vibes
Petar Ralchev- accordion
Michael Schiefel(Germany)- vocal
Stoyan Yankoulov- tupan, percussion
Theodosii Spassov- kaval
Anatoly Vapirov- saxophones
Stoyan Yankoulov- tupan,percussion
Enver Izmailov- guitars (Krim)
The vision was so sweet and clear; the feeling, too, of spending time somewhere else, in a form which he would have gladly had was so blissful and comforting that he held his breath and dared not move so as not to frighten the shadow away. When the vision was nevertheless gone he began to cry gently and silently. Many tears flowed from his eyes like streams and washed his face. He didn't dry them away. They fell on the table, relieving his heart and soul. "The Love Story and the Theories of a Pygmalion" Toncho Zhechev REVIEWS On the 30th Deutschen Jazz Festival in Frankfurt the present recording „Ultramarin" was made with the guitar player Enver Izmailov, who is already known in Germany. Theodosii Spassov (kaval, voice), Anatoly Vapirov (sax) and Stoyan Yankoulov (tupan, percussion) create an independent form of "Bulgarian World Jazz" in a way which is speaking for itself, with free improvisation, with singing without words. The impressive and often slightly melancholic sound of the kaval combines with the saxophone voice of Vapirov and the deep drum sounds of the tupan as if they have belonged together for ages. With an astounding easiness Enver Izmailov integrates with his clear guitar lines. It is played to the dance, comparable to Bulgarian wedding music - the musicians get into faster and faster rhythms nearly into ectasy with their brilliant solistic performance. Once it is rather rock music which is obvious, then there are Arab sounds influencing or the wideness and loneliness of some Bulgarian landscape find a worthy pendant - especially in the calmer sequences. The "Fairy Tale Trio" is justified to bear its name - basically "Ultramarin" is in simple words "Music for Dreams". CARINA PRANGE / Jazzdimensions The music, composed by the trio, makes full use of their resources. There are a few odd-meter rave-ups, but there are also some quieter, textural pieces. The kaval and soprano sax take turns soloing and supporting each other, while the percussion supplies a sturdy rhythmic framework. There are also a few solos and duets that, along with great attention paid to dynamics, help keep the sound varied and interesting. In its more peaceful moments this reminds me a little of Codona, the old Don Cherry-Collin Walcott project. Then the musicians turn up the heat and could be mistaken for an Art Ensemble of Chicago offshoot. But the approach taken here is a melding rather than a juxtaposition, with the jazz elements logically flowing from the Bulgarian roots, and as such is one of the more successful folk-jazz fusions I've heard in some time. JOE GROSSMAN / RootsWorl
Petar Ralchev- accordion
Stoyan Yankoulov- drums,tupan,percussion
Nikolai Georgiev- guitar,tambura
Dimitar Digboyushki- keyboards
“Live in Bankia” 2001

Vassil Parmakov- keuboards
Vesselin Vesselinov Eko- bass
Stoyan Yankoulov- drums,tupan,perccussion
Ateshghan Yuseinov- guatar, tambura

special guest:
Michael Schiefel- vocal (Germany)

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“Live in Bansco” 1999

Vasil Parmakov- keyboards
Vesselin Vesselinov Eko- bass
Stoyan Yankoulov- drums,tupan,percussion
Ateshghan Yuseinov- guatar, tambura
Vladimir Karparov- sax

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“The Human Factor”  1996

Vassil Parmakov- keuboards
Vesselin Vesselinov Eko- bass
Stoyan Yankoulov- drums,tupan,perccussion
Vladimir Karparov- sax
Ivan Lechev- guitar
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Vasil Parmakov Quartet

Vasil Parmakov- piano, kbs.
Veselin Veselinov Eko- bass
Stoyan Yankoulov- drums

Andy Scofield- saxophone (England)

With the participation of:
Theodosii Spassov- kaval,melodica,dvoyanka,vocal Stoyan Yankoulov- drums,tupan,tarambuka,percussion Yildiz Ibrahimova- vocal Ognian Videv- guitar Rumen Toskov- piano,harpsichord,bass synthesizer Georgi Donchev- bass,gadulka Galina Durmushliiska- vocal Ateshhan Yuseinov- guitar Hristo Yotsov- percussion Simeon Shterev- flute Vesselin Ivanov- bass e.t.

Theodosii Spassov- kaval, vocals, bagpipe 
Stoyan Yankoulov- drums,percussions 
Yanka Rupkina- vocals 
Boika Velkova- recitatives 
Georgi Petrov- gadulka
Valentin Yankov- tamboura 
Georgi Dontchev- bass
Theodosii Spassov & Cosmic Voices
"Malka moma"
The Spirit of Bulgaria
Theodosii Spassov- kaval,vocal Cosmic Voices-Choir Yulian Yanoushev- sax,clarinet Angel Zaberski Jr- piano Angel Dimitrov- guitar,tambura Peio Peev- rebek Krassimir Kondov- bulgarian bagpipe Veselin Veselinov Eko- bass Stoyan Yankoulov- drums,tupan Hristo Yotzov- percussion
Stefan Valdobrev
пропаганда / хромозоми / силикон

Stefan Valdobrev- vocals
Stoyan Yankoulov- drums,percussion
Miroslav Ivanov- guitars
ИIvan Lechav- guitars
Vesselin Vesselinov (Eko)- bass

Irina Valentinova - violin /4/
Gergana Aleksieva - violin /4/
Nikola Damianov - violoncello /4/
Ali - vocal /5/
Boys choir in studio Sky /7/
Ekaterina Kaloferova - telephone voice /6/
Stefan Valdobrev
...към   1998

Stefan Valdobrev- vocals
Stoyan Yankoulov- drums
Ivan Lechev- guitars
Vesselin Ivanov (Eko)- bass
Kiril Makedonski- trumpet, saxophone
Momchil Kolev,Stefan Valdobrev-sinthesisers,piano
Anatoly Vapirov

Recorded Live - August 2 - Bulgaria

Yuri Parfionov- trumpet
Yuri Kuznetsov- piano
Vladimir Volkov- bass
Stoyan Yankoulov- tupan,percussion
Andrey Prozorov- saxophone
Anatoly Vapirov- saxophone
Anatoly Vapirov

Mistery of Bulgarian Voices Choir
Vladimir Volkov- bass
Yuri Kuznetsov- piano
Stoyan Yankoulov- tupan, percussions
Anatoly Vapirov- saxophone
Yildiz Ibrahimova

Label: Virginia Records Year: 2001

Yildiz Ibrahimova- vocal
Vassil Parmakov- keyboard
Vesselin Vesselinov (Eko)- bass
Stoyan Yankoulov- drums, percussion
Okay Temiz- percussion
Ivo Papazov- clarinet
Tahir Aydogdu- kanun
Yildan Dirik- ud

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